I’m an editor, problem-solver and communications specialist based in London, UK. Here’s how I’m spending my time, and what I’m thinking about.

Editing Apolitical

I’m the new Editor-in-Chief at Apolitical, which equips public servants to do their jobs.

Thousands of public servants globally use Apolitical to share experiences and knowledge they’ve gained in the public service. So me and my team will need to think differently about our role as editors — we’re not facilitators, not gatekeepers. We need to find a consensual basis for working with public servants to produce accurate, well-crafted and compelling content. As a first step, I’ve worked with the content team, and others across the organisation, to define editorial principles and house style.

We’re also currently experimenting with ways for public servants to contribute that take less than an hour.


I keep a journal to make up for my terrible memory, to build a habit of writing, and to close the day.


I’m trying to improve my photography and camera work. In particular, I want to get better at picking subjects, getting colours to pop, and using light creatively. I shoot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

I’m a peer mentor. If you’ve done this and have any tips, I’d love to hear from you.