A common place

Many Europeans used to keep books where they’d jot down ideas, quotations, recipes and other knowledge they accumulated. They called them ‘commonplace books‘.

The coronavirus pandemic will be a pivotal event in my life. Like many people, it’s given me an opportunity to reflect on how I live, what I spend my time on, and what really matters to me. During one of the English lockdowns of 2020, I wrote a list of ‘soul preservers’. One of them was ‘letting people know what I’m working on’ – you can see that here. Another was to keep a journal.

Both are works in progress. But the underlying intention is to reinforce my terrible memory, give myself more space to think through things, and to work in the open.

That’s what I plan to do more of, here. I’d like to credit Jared Pereira – who’s building a wonderful way to learn at hyperlink.academy, for the inspiration.

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